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It is our goal at Schram Vineyards to ensure an enjoyable and safe visit for all guests to partake in our wine, beer, and ambiance. For that reason, we ask you please understand our policies before visiting so we can continue to make our space a pleasant place to visit.  It makes for an easier job for our staff and other visitors when everyone cooperates! Thank you! 


Socialized and well-behaved dogs are welcome on our outdoor grass and gravel areas. Dogs must be leashed at all times and picked up after. We cannot guarantee shaded areas for pets, so please plan to bring water for your pet if needed.


There is a friendly English Cream Golden Retriever named Woody who lives with the Schram family on-site at the vineyard.  He occasionally comes to say hello!



Schram Vineyards welcomes groups when attendees are here to appreciate Schram wine and beer and ambiance.  Please note the following policies:

  • We are not accepting large “party buses” on weekends unless a specific reservation has been made. 

  • Limos or group transportations may be accommodated if a reservation has been made and you have gained confirmation that we can accommodate your group at your desired time. Bus guests should all be made aware of our expectations to ensure a fun and safe visit.

    • Rowdy or disorderly conduct or disrespect to our staff, venue, or other guests will not be tolerated.

    • Any alcohol or food being consumed on your bus must remain on your bus when you arrive.

    • Please be respectful of our other guests and neighbors and keep bus volumes down when you are arriving and driving through Laketown Township.

    • Our goal at Schram Vineyards is to showcase our beautiful setting and amazing locally produced wines.  Please consider making us an early stop on your tour.  We cannot serve patrons who show up intoxicated.

    • Schram Vineyards has the right to turn away groups or buses that show up unannounced.

  • We offer our own Wine and Beer Tour during select times.  Check it out here to book. 

  • Schram Haus Brewery in Chaska is able to accommodate larger groups.  Please visit that website and contact them there.

Email and book a reservation. 

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No Balloons

Schrampngs (2)3.png

No Outside food or drink

Schrampngs (2)4.png

No cake or desserts

sports icon12.png

No sports equipment

sports icon6.png

No camping equipment, coolers or speakers

Thank you for keeping the natural beauty and ambiance of the vineyard and enjoy the amenities we provide. 


Schram Vineyards is a beautiful backdrop for any number of professional photos.  Professional photography sessions for require a permit and fee and may only be permitted during certain times. Please contact to arrange a photo session. 


For the enjoyment of our guests and protection of our property, Schram Vineyards is a smoke free / vape free environment.  A designated smoking area is by the parking lot.  Thank you for helping to keep the air and land clean and the wine tasting environment pleasant. 

Please note: We do occasionally host cigar nights. We will we have designated cigar smoking areas. 


 If you have children with you during your visit, for their safety and the enjoyment of all guests, we ask that: 

  • Children be seated at or near a table with you indoors or out, and supervised/attended to at all times by an adult responsible for their safety and behavior.

  • Please limit gatherings with groups of children where activities are likely to lead to rambunctious or disruptive behaviors. 

  • The bocce courts are not to be used as a sandbox or play area. No toys or digging allowed in the courts as these are used for league play. 

  • Children keep appropriate winery behaviors, including using indoor voices, not playing on the floor, throwing rocks or balls, or running around the property unattended. Please remember this is a working winery and tasting room, not a playground.  

The Schram Family, our staff, and other visiting guests appreciate your understanding and cooperation in contributing to an enjoyable wine experience for all. 

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