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In 2008, while both were still working full-time jobs in the city, Aaron and Ashley found a little slice of heaven in Waconia, with a serene lake view and fields perfect for growing grapes. They started a family, and so the adventure began: 5 years, two kids, two dogs, 4,000 grapevines, and countless projects later; the winery opened to the public in the summer of 2013, with their first commercial vintages under their outdoor pavilion bar.

When Aaron discovered from a friend and beer enthusiast that they had a lot of equipment to brew beer, he turned to Ashley and said, “We should start a brewery too.” Considering how they met, it was meant to be.  A brewery crew was carefully selected, their recipes perfected, and the brewery launched in June 2014, making Schram Vineyards the first singly owned and operated winery & brewery in Minnesota.

The brand new tasting and taproom, complete with a wine cellar, was built and completed in 2014. The last decade has been a whirlwind of constant activity, projects, and growth, which could not have all been done without the support of friends, family, staff, and customers.

Schram Vineyards Winery & Brewery is becoming a must-stop destination spot where guests can taste and appreciate a variety of quality and serious wines alongside distinctive craft brews, all made right on-site. The Schram family still lives at the vineyard with their children, so if you see them walking around in their rubber boots, say hello!